Quality Customer Service

You will find Tate’s Vending Company among the best in quality customer service. We recognize you are the customer and we work for you, not the other way around. The owner, Terry Tate, will take a personal hands on approach to making sure you, the customer, feels valued and appreciated.

There are so many options available when it comes to the vending business. If you would like to have a “branded” “logo” vending machine in your place of business, Tate’s Vending can do that. Whether it’s a small logo or a completely wrapped machine with your business logo it’s all possible when you use Tate’s Vending as your vending machine provider.

As part of Tate’s excellent customer service you can depend that all of the vending machines on your premises will be kept clean and sanitary and in excellent operating condition. The vending machines that Tate’s Vending provides also have the capability of receiving cash, credit card, or Apple Pay.

We know in today’s busy life, many of your employees are very health conscious. To meet that need, Tate’s Vending offers a variety of healthy food choices in our fresh food machines as well as in our cold beverage and snack machines. These include fresh salads as well as gluten free options.

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